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Content Marketing Thought Leaders to Meet at Content2Conversion


Content marketing events are one of the best ways to expand your expertise, hear the latest trends and connect with thought leaders in your industry. If you’ve had a chance to check out The Ultimate List of Content Marketing Events, then you already know that hundreds of marketers are heading to New York next Tuesday to attend the Content2Conversion Conference.

With all the great events taking place this year, we understand that it’s difficult to attend as many as you’d like to – as well as optimize your time spent at the ones you do attend. Keeping this in mind, we like to put together a list of the content leaders attending each event so that: 1. Content marketers can make a more educated decision on whether to attend; and  2. Content marketers can connect with the right experts and make the most of their time spent at the event.

As Content2Conversion is quickly approaching(May 6-7), we’ve compiled below the content marketing leaders you should meet if you’re attending the conference. If Content2Conversion isn’t in your marketing budget this year, be sure to keep up with these experts on social media for the latest insights on content strategy.


Dayna Rothman Sr. Content Marketing Manager at Marketo

As the managing editor of Marketo blog and head of Marketo’s content initiatives, Dayna’s expertise covers content marketing, social media and of course, marketing automation. Marketo is one of the industry leaders when it comes to marketing automation and customer engagement.

What to talk to Dayna about: Dayna is your go-to if you’re looking to increase brand awareness and buyer engagement. Are you implementing content marketing tactics, but struggling to create a successful strategy as a whole? Dayna can advise you on how to pull it all together. (@dayroth)


Pam Didner Global Integrated Marketing Strategist at Intel

Not only does Pam lead Intel’s worldwide marketing campaigns and manage the Intel Developer Forum across nine countries, but she also develops Intel’s worldwide Enterprise and Small Business strategies. She was named as one of B2B’s Top Digital Marketers in 2011 and 2012.

What to talk to Pam about: Thinking about extending your content strategy across international borders? Talk to Pam for best practices on how to plan, develop and manage content that can be used on a global scale. Be sure to check out her session, Repurpose, Reuse, Refresh for tips on how to break down long form content. (@PamDidner)


Lee Odden CEO of TopRank Online Marketing

Lee’s book, Optimize: How to Attract and Engage More Customers by Integrating SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing, is a go-to information source for online marketers due to his expertise in digital strategy, search, content & social marketing and PR. His marketing and PR agency, TopRank Online Marketing, provides services to Fortune 1000 companies, and his writing has resonated with reputable publications such as Forbes and The New York Times.

What to talk to Lee about: Lee’s blog has been ranked #1 by Content Marketing Institute three times, so go to him for insights on how to keep up with trends and create engaging content. Lee helped to inspire our  content expert video series and he is an excellent source of information on overcoming your content challenges. (@leeodden)


Pawan Deshpande CEO of Curata

As CEO of the leading content curation software company Curata, as well as a background at Microsoft and Google, Pawan is your resident expert on content curation and content marketing technology. He is a regular speaker at content marketing events and his thought leadership has been featured on the likes of Content Marketing Institute, MarketingProfs and Forbes.

What to talk to Pawan about: Struggling to feed the content beast or trying to get your curation strategy off the ground? Ask Pawan about how curated content can help support your creation strategy and be sure to attend his session, Content Curation in Action. (@TweetsFromPawan)


Ashely Brookes Senior Brand and Content Manager at Hootsuite  

Ashely leads Hootsuite’s created content strategy to help support readers’ needs for valuable content throughout the buyer’s journey. Her expertise revolves around brand awareness, increasing customer engagement and driving leads. She’s helped grow Hootsuite into the industry’s leading social management solution.

What to talk to Ashely about: If you’re creating content, but you’re not sure how it aligns with each stage of the marketing funnel, Ashely is your go-to. Talk to her for advice on providing value to customers at each stage of the buyer’s journey. (@ashjbee)


Ardath Albee CEO of Marketing Interactions

Ardath is the author of eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale, which exemplifies how B2B marketers are implementing content technology and coordinated content strategies. She has been named one of the Sales and Lead Management Association’s 50 Most Influential People in Sales and Marketing for the last three years.

What to talk to Ardath about: Ardath has 28 years of sales and marketing experience and knows how to turn prospects into customers. Ask her what content platforms and strategy adjustments can improve your current workflow. (@ardath421)


David Lewis CEO & Founder of DemandGen International 

David is a leader in the digital marketing space with over 20 years of experience. His revolutionary work on the transformation of sales & marketing is displayed in his book, Manufacturing Demand: The Principles of Successful Lead Management. 

What to talk to David about: Are your content campaigns falling flat? Check out David’s session, Creating Content Campaigns That Push the Mental Buy Button for insight on how to drive customer growth. (@demandgendave)


Jim Lenskold President of the Lenskold Group

Jim’s award winning book, Marketing ROI, has set global standards on marketing ROI best practices and standards. His ROI expertise helps marketers worldwide measure the profitability of their campaigns. Lenskold group helps organizations get the most out of their marketing performance.

What to talk to Jim about: Jim has over 25 years of experience of improving marketing performance across a broad range of industries. Content marketing ROI can be a difficult thing to measure and keep track of. Go to Jim with questions about how to get the most out of your content and check him out in our content marketing expert series. (@LG_mROI)

 TimRiesterer_400x225 (1)

Tim Riesterer Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Corporate Visions

Tim is an expert on improving conversations with customers in the buying process. He is the co-author of Customer Message Management and Conversations That Win the Complex Sale – both aim to help salespeople communicate with prospects and existing customers.

What to talk to Tim about: If your content marketing and sales teams aren’t on the same page, check out Tim’s session, Three Critical Selling Conversations You Must Enable with Content for more on how to equip your sales team with valuable content. (@corpv)


Trip Kucera Vice President of Client Success & CMO-in-Residence at Harte Hanks

Trip helps his clients execute successful content marketing strategies and optimize content for demand generation. His experience as a senior research analyst at the Aberdeen Group makes him an expert in addressing key content trends, challenges and opportunities.

What to talk to Trip about: Does your content strategy address your customer’s interests and goals? Trip’s session The Content Continuum: Winning the Hidden Sales Cycle with the Right Answer will help content marketers answer their buyers’ questions at each stage of their journey. (@TripKucera)


Michael Gerard CMO at Curata

Before joining Curata, Michael co-founded IDC’s CMO and Sales Advisory Practices to build brand awareness, increase productivity and drive leads for best-in-class technology sales and marketing teams. His 25 years of marketing and sales experience coupled with his work with startup to large companies make him your resident content and marketing strategy expert.

What to talk to Michael about: Chat with Michael for ideas on how to build thought leadership and drive leads with content. Looking for insight on how you can boost your content strategy? Michael can provide you with content marketing enlightenment. (@MichaelGerard)


Brian Kardon CMO at Lattice Engines

The CMO Institute named Brian a Top 10 Global CMO for companies <$250 million revenue. He carried his expertise in aligning marketing with sales from Eloqua to Lattice where he leads integrated marketing, demand generation and is responsible for thought leadership.

What to talk to Brian about: If you’re having difficulty identifying the best opportunities with prospects, inquire about Brian’s big data know-how and how you can apply predictive analytics to customer behavior. This will not only help to increase sales, but allow you to create more compelling content. (@bkardon)

TonyZambito_400x225 (1)

Tony Zambito Buyer Insights & Personas Expert

Tony is the leader in today’s buyer insights and persona research. He established the first buyer persona development methodology, which was created specifically for B2B marketing and sales. Tony helps leading companies boost their business, content and marketing strategies as a whole with deeper insights on their buyers.

What to talk to Tony about: Understanding your audience is a key factor in a successful content strategy. Ask Tony how to establish buyer personas and keep up the trends in buyer behavior. (@TonyZambito)

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 9.59.48 AM

Costanza Tedesco SVP Brand Experience at SAP

Costanza is responsible for developing and managing the SAP brand. She leads teams that focus on content development and production, advertising, media planning, product naming, etc. SAP’s value has increased over $9B under Constanza’s leadership.

What to talk to Constanza about: Content is a huge part of your brand’s identity. Talk to Constanza for insight on how to align your brand’s voice with your content to provide value for your readers. (@CostanzaT)


These are just some of the experts attending Content2Conversion this year. Be sure to check out the full list of speakers.

I hope this list is useful for all the content marketers attending the conference. If you can’t make it, be sure to keep up with the event and these experts on Twitter with the hashtag #C2C14 or with @Content2Convert.

If you’d like more information on best practices used by leading content marketers, download our Content Marketing Tactics Planner or request a demo of Curata’s content curation software solution.


Meg Sutton

Meg Sutton was a Content Marketing Specialist at Curata. She served as a content marketer at Lionbridge Technologies before bringing her creative know-how to the Curata team. Meg earned her B.S. in Marketing as well as her Liberal Studies Degree in Media, Arts & Society at Bentley University in Waltham, MA.

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