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Eliminate Your Content Blind Spots

Software for planning, producing and measuring content marketing


Finally Know What Works

Get answers with powerful content analytics

See what content works best for which stage of the funnel (i.e. social sharing, leads generated, pipeline touched)
Tie specific content to influenced and generated dollars
Optimize freelancers and authors with insights to match the best contributor to the job at hand


Avoid Calendar Chaos

Easily plan, produce and collaborate

Keep your team on the same page with a customizable editorial calendar
Incorporate data-driven insights into your production process
Plan and execute content programs across contributors channels and timelines


Streamline Content Production

Develop a consistent content supply chain

Scale content operations using content and workflow templates
Ensure balance and efficiency with an assignment dashboard for members of your distributed team
Auto-serve personalized tasks and reminders so you never miss a deadline


Simplify Your Day

A friendly way to connect the dots

Gain a singular content performance dashboard by seamlessly integrating with your existing web analytics, marketing automation and CRM systems
Continue to write, edit and collaborate with your favorite tools and applications -- workflow overhaul not required
Our dedicated Customer Success team helps get you up and running.