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SiriusDecisions: Content Marketing Conference Attendees to Meet


With the SiriusDecisions Summit coming up on May 21st through the 23rd, we’ve compiled a list of the best people for content marketers to meet at the event. This list aims to help organizations make a more informed decision on whether to attend the summit, as well as how they can optimize their time spent.

If the SiriusDecisions Summit isn’t on your list of events to attend this year, be sure to follow these experts on social media for insights on the latest trends. Stay connected with other happenings at the event on Twitter with @SiriusDecisions and #SDSummit, or follow MichaelGerard.


Jack Androvich Practice Director, SiriusDecisions

Jack is a talented marketing executive, recognized as a thought leader in the integrated marketing and marketing IT, personalization, big data and B2B analytics fields. He has over 20 years of experience with a background in both marketing and technology.

What to talk to Jack about: Jack has experience in all aspects of marketing, business development and product management for companies both large and small. Have a question you can’t seem to find an answer to? Jack’s your guy. (@jandrovich)


Tom Berger Director of Digital Marketing, Iron Mountain

As the Director of Digital Marketing at Iron Mountain, a leading provider of online storage and information management used by over 156,000 global organizations, Tom is an expert in online marketing. He is responsible for managing their web marketing strategy including SEM, SEO, demand generation and e-commerce.

What to talk to Tom about: Tom has over 18 years of experience in global digital marketing. Thinking about taking your digital strategy worldwide? Seek out Tom’s advice on best content management practices. (@BergerTJ)


Rich Eldh Managing Director & Co-Founder, SiriusDecisions

With over 25 years of experience leading marketing and sales teams worldwide, Rich is an industry thought leader in sales and marketing. He has worked with his team at SiriusDecisions to build and grow an incredibly influential organization.

What to talk to Rich about: A marketing strategy with effective tactics is a must in order to make it in today’s business world. Rich can give you insight on how to build and grow a successful content strategy and operations plan. (@RichardEldh)


Andrew Gaffney Editor/Publisher, Content4Demand

As the editor of a company that helps clients publish compelling, relevant content, Andrew is content marketing thought leader. Content4Demand specializes in creating B2B custom content solutions for organizations in many different verticals.

What to talk to Andrew about: If your company is lacking the right targeted messaging for your audience, seek out advice from Andrew on developing calls-to-action and providing the right content to guide prospects through the funnel. (@agaffney)

GerardMichael100x100 (1)

Michael Gerard, CMO, Curata

Before leading marketing at Curata, the leader in content curation software, Michael co-founded IDC’s CMO and Sales Advisory Practices to build brand awareness, increase productivity and drive leads for many of the world’s best-in-class technology sales and marketing teams. Michael’s expertise in content marketing, his 25 years of marketing and sales experience, and his recent marketing research with startup to large companies make him your go-to marketing process and technology expert.

What to talk to Michael about: Michael can tell you everything you need to know about building thought leadership and driving leads with content marketing. Look to Michael for advice on how build a content marketing team, ramp up your content strategy, or integrate content marketing with your demand generation process.  He can also speak about the latest content technologies and best practices. (@MichaelGerard)


Malcolm Gladwell Bestselling Author

Malcolm Gladwell has been named to TIME magazine’s 100 most influential people and is the author of five New York Times bestsellers — The Tipping Point, Blink, Outliers, What the Dog Saw, and now, his latest, David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits and the Art of Battling Giants.

What to talk to Malcolm about: In his latest book, David and Goliath, Malcolm states that many of us underestimate the value of adversity and overestimate the value of privilege. Tap into his brain for insight on how to make the most out of any situation. (@Gladwell)

Tony Jaros SVP Research, SiriusDecisions

Tony has 20 years of sales and marketing experience. His thought leadership has fueled the overall research function at SiriusDecisions since 2001 and he has advised multiple market leaders.

What to talk to Tony about: Tony has a wide span of B2B marketing knowledge. Ask him your field marketing, demand generation, marketing communications and inside sales questions. (@tjaros)


Marisa Kopec Vice President and Group Director, Go-to-Market, SiriusDecisions

Marisa leads SiriusDecisions’ Portfolio Marketing, Strategic Communications, and Product Management services to provide research and insights to product marketers. She spent 12 years at Gartner prior to SiriusDecisions where she was responsible for the launch of new products.

What to talk to Marisa about: Marisa is your resident product marketing expert at the SiriusDecisions Summit. Go to her for advice on sales channels, sales communication and external promotion. Be sure to check out her session in the Content Marketing track, B-to-B Content: 2014 and Beyond. (@Marisa_Kopec)


Heather Loisel VP and GM, Consulting, SiriusDecisions

Heather Loisel is a leader at SiriusDecisions. As an expert in demand generation, brand messaging and positioning, she helps drive growth and brand awareness using modern marketing and communication strategies.

What to talk to Heather about: With the evolution of technology and marketing, it’s becoming increasingly important for  leadership in these roles to work together. Don’t miss Heather’s session, CIO/CMO/CSO: Forging the Relationship. (@HeatherLoisel)


Megan Lueders VP Global Marketing, LifeSize

Megan drives the strategy behind the LifeSize communications and positioning, brand messaging, marketing operations, PR, demand generation and online & offline marketing programs worldwide. She is an expert on communicating brand identity across borders.

What to talk to Megan about: Having your content strategy resonate across your marketing, communications and sales departments can be a difficult feat – especially if you’re an international company. Ask Megan for advice on coordinating content to position your brand as in-the-know. (@MeganLueders)


Joseph Moke Senior Manager, Digital Marketing, Dell

As the Senior Manager of Digital Marketing at Dell, Joseph knows a thing or two about about engaging a large audience. He is an expert in interactive digital content that generates leads and spreads brand awareness.

What to talk to Joseph about: Need some tips on creating compelling digital spaces? Check out Joseph’s session From Landing Page to Marketing App: The Evolution of Digital Experiences for some insight into how you can create a more interactive experience with consumers.


Stefan Nandzik Senior Manager, Field Alignment, Citrix

Stefan optimizes Citrix, a global marketing organization, by aligning core processes, systems and services. He and his team help develop and execute marketing campaigns to internal marketing stakeholders.

What to talk to Stefan about: In order to find consistent, long-term success, your organization must establish alignment with brand identity, content messaging and best practices. Ask Stefan for tips how get your marketing and sales teams on the same page.


Julie Ogilvie Research Director, SiriusDecisions

Julie has over 20 years of marketing and communications experience which spans areas such as PR, social media, content, branding, strategy, web design and event management. She’s developed and executed transformational marketing strategies in organizations from startups to market leaders.

What to talk to Julie about: Julie’s thought leadership spans many marketing fields. Ask Julie for tips on how you can align your strategy, social, content and branding efforts to maximize engagement. (@julieogilvie)


Erin Provey Service Director, Strategic Communications Management, SiriusDecisions

With over 10 years of experience in brand strategy, including positioning, identity, public relations, digital strategy, copywriting and account management, Erin is a marketing communications expert.

What to talk to Erin about: Is your organization aware of what content aligns with buyers’ goals and interests and what content is falling flat? Need advice on what content tools to use? Check out Erin’s session in the Content Marketing Track, The Enterprise-Wide Content Audit: Strategies and Tools. (@eeestep)


Kim Reaves Director of Digital Marketing, NACCO

Kim is an experienced leader who is responsible for the development and execution of the digital marketing strategies, including marketing campaign management, CRM management, website development and analytics analysis at NACCO.

What to talk to Kim about: Starting a new digital marketing campaign? Kim can provide insight from how to manage the process from development, to implementation, to promotion and analytics.


Tim Riesterer Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Corporate Visions

Tim is the co-author of Customer Message Management and Conversations That Win the Complex Sale – both aim to help salespeople communicate with prospects and existing customers. He’s an expert on aligning content marketing with sales to drive conversions.

What to talk to Tim about: Go to Tim for advice and on how to get your sales team the best content to align with steps in the buyers’ journey and improve the conversations they have with customers. (@corpv)


Jill Rowley Social Selling Evangelist

Jill is an expert in social selling and her insight has helped thousands of marketers drive revenue growth. She provides tactics on how marketing and sales teams can use social media and content to develop and maintain relationships with their potential buyers and existing customers.

What to talk to Jill about: Is your sales team prepared to communicate with the modern buyer? Ask Jill for tips on social selling and how to leverage social networking, content and search to provide value and establish relationships with customers. (@jill_rowley)


Ryan Schwartz Director of Marketing Systems and Operations, DocuSign

Ryan is the Director of Marketing Systems and Operations at Docusign, making him an expert when it comes to aligning marketing processes to get the most out of B2B marketing tactics such as social and mobile.

What to talk to Ryan about: Need to boost your content marketing strategy? Ryan knows more than a few tips and tricks when it comes to marketing with social and mobile add-ons in marketing automation tools. (@schwartzrw)


Kurt Stoll Marketing Automation Programs Manager, HP

As the Marketing Automation Programs Manager at HP, Kurt is an Eloqua expert with experienced know-how in demand generation, lead nurturing, marketing strategy and marketing operations.

What to talk to Kurt about: Kurt can advise you on how to get the most out of marketing automation as well as what types of content generates leads and which content doesn’t make the cut. (@kurtstoll)


Rachel Young Research Director, SiriusDecisions

As a Research Director in Portfolio Marketing at SiriusDecisions, Rachel has more than 20 years of experience and leadership in product marketing, demand generation and marketing communications.

What to talk to Rachel about: Personalization works. If you’re not correctly targeting your audience, be sure to check out Rachel’s session, Personas in Action: Client Vignettes on how to attract the right buyers. (@rpyoung_)


The experts listed above are just some of the content thought leaders attending this year’s event. Check out the full list of speakers here.

Looking to chat content marketing, content technology or content curation? Get in touch with Michael before or at the conference at @michaelgerard

For more information on content marketing best practices, tips and tactics, download our Content Marketing Tactics Planner. To learn how to feed your content beast and complement your created content with curation, request a free demo of Curata.

Meg Sutton

Meg Sutton was a Content Marketing Specialist at Curata. She served as a content marketer at Lionbridge Technologies before bringing her creative know-how to the Curata team. Meg earned her B.S. in Marketing as well as her Liberal Studies Degree in Media, Arts & Society at Bentley University in Waltham, MA.

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