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Kapost Pricing

Kapost pricing has changed quite a bit over the years. This is understandable as Kapost is a relatively new company, in an entirely new product category, so it makes sense that they are experimenting with different pricing models. If you haven’t done so already, you may want to read our full Kapost review. Here’s an overview of their historical as well as current pricing.

Historical pricing (~2010/2011)

Older Kapost reviews cite an entirely different pricing model based on the number of users as compared to their current one. At the time, Kapost was initially free for less than 3 users, $8/month/user for up to 15 users, and custom pricing for more than 15 users.

Current Pricing (December 2012)

Until recently, Kapost was not publishing pricing on their website. However, recently they readded a pricing page revealing a much more expensive pricing than compared to their original model. The current pricing works as follows:

Standard Edition ($1200/month)
For this edition, you can have up to 8 users, 5 content types, and basic support. Basic support really is basic. You get access to their knowledge/support base, and web/email support with a maximum response time of 48 hours. Their persona/funnel grid is available at as a paid add-on for this edition.

Pro Edition ($3000/month)
In this edition, you can have up to 15 users, 10 content types, basic support, and the persona/funnel grid functionality included.

Enterprise Edition (Requires a Custom Quote)
The Enterprise Edition gives you an unlimited number of users, content types, the persona/funnel grid functionality and premium support. Premium support includes everything the basic support includes with the addition of a maximum 24 hours response time, phone support, and priority case routing.

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