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Content Intelligence in Five Minutes [Infographic]

Content intelligence is arguably the hottest buzzword in content marketing technology right now. That said, much of the excitement is based on its potential rather than its current capabilities. Because of this, few marketers know what content intelligence is or how it might be directly relevant to them. Let Curata help you with this brief overview and at-a-glance infographic.

Content intelligence is a nascent form of revolutionary content marketing technology. It allows you to understand everything there is to know about a piece of content—including its context, so you can use that knowledge to guide decision making for that piece of content. It can even automate and execute some of those decisions.

Content intelligence integrates several existing technologies and applies them to content marketing. These include machine learning, natural language processing, big data, and artificial intelligence (AI). Let’s expand on what a couple of these terms mean:

  • Big data involves computationally analyzing extremely large data sets to reveal patterns, trends, and associations; especially those relating to human behavior and interactions. People use big data for everything from predicting stock performance to seasonal buying behavior. And it helps the NSA know whether your post about “blowing up the joint” refers to your bomb-making or DJing skills.
  • AI has a more nebulous definition, because what is considered AI is constantly changing. One way of thinking of AI is as intelligence exhibited by any device that perceives its environment and takes actions to maximize its chances of achieving a goal.

Content intelligence may draw on artificial intelligence and big data, but it is neither of those two things. It’s the systems and software that transforms data into actionable insights for content strategy and tactics. Content intelligence means having the full context of an individual piece of content. Not only that, but the whole corpus of content. It allows you to make better decisions about anything pertaining to the content in question.

Check out the infographic below. It offers a quick overview on what content intelligence is, what it can do for you, and where it currently exists in the content marketing space.

content intelligence infographic


Content Intelligence is the Future of Content Marketing

Want to know more about content intelligence, such as which vendors exist, and what you can do to prepare your organization for adopting this technology? Immerse yourself in Curata’s Content Intelligence: The Next Frontier of Content Marketing Technology.

Mitchell Hall

Mitchell Hall is Curata’s Content Marketing Director. Online since 1991, he has been writing for magazines and newspapers since 1997, and editing and managing websites since 2006. Mitchell has a BA in Political Science, Philosophy, and English. A generalist, his most covered topics are business and technology. Follow Mitchell on Twitter for links to unique and insightful stories: @mitchellhall

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