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Launching B2B Content to Outer-Space: 10 Ridiculously Powerful Twitter and Facebook Advertising Hacks

A freak accident in deep space has stranded our target customer on Mars! Our rescue mission requires pushing our content promotion efforts further than ever before. In this session, content astronauts will learn about powerful new rocket propulsion technologies, such as how to:

  1. Get your content on Reddit's frontpage
  2. Crush your SEO rankings
  3. Cut your Adwords cost in half
  4. Get hundreds of thousands of free clicks
  5. Triple your conversion rates
  6. Generate leads, sales and more

.. all using the amazing power of Twitter and Facebook Ads on shoestring budgets of $50 or less!

Larry Kim is the founder of WordStream, a PPC marketing software and services company managing over half a Billion dollars in ad spend for thousands of customers world-wide.

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