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Unthinkable: Why the World's Most Creative Marketers Do What Others Wouldn't Dare

When we marvel at big, unique, creative things awesome brands and innovative marketers do, it's natural to think, “Wait a sec—there’s no best practice for launching an internal newsroom staffed by monkeys who are also Instagram influencers! How did they DO that?! How can WE do that?! And why can’t I be more creative in MY work?

Good news: the era of creativity-first content marketers is upon us. But to bet on your creativity takes a leap—are you ready to do the unthinkable?

Things we'll discuss:

  1. Case studies from a range of businesses and marketers.
  2. Common traits from the world's most creative marketers.
  3. Foundational principles for becoming better, more creative, and more innovative marketers.
  4. Simple exercises to implement in the next week to execute what we've learned.

Jay is VP of marketing and support at NextView, an early-stage VC firm investing in tech startups, and writes the blog Sorry for Marketing. He’s also the creator and host of the show Unthinkable, a podcast for craft-driven content creators, marketers, and anyone bothered by bad content.

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